The Positives of NLD

This is neat. I often make a gratitude list. Now I think I'll include things about NLD on it. It would be a good habit for my NLD son to get into. His attitude is wonderful. However, we don't know what the future will bring and having this positive attitude will pay off.  I do not have a great rote memory like many of you. I do for some things. Like I know a ton of details about my students. I remember things about friends. Mostly, however, I'm not a detail oriented person. However, my strength is that I have amazing concept formation. In school, when the teacher was giving a lesson, I'd get the
main idea way before anyone else. My inferencing skills are also amazing. I had to work on memorizing facts to back these things up.  I have very poor motor skills and terrible visual skills; but I don't have social problems as an adult. I am overly sensitive; but that's what makes me so successful at my work. Some people recently told me that I have the largest solo LD practice in the area. Now that I've hired people that's no longer the case. I believe that's because of my NLD; not in spite of it. Today I'm happy that I have NLD. Thank you Rebecca for inspiring me!