My son, Bobby, age 15 was just diagnosed with NLD.  When he was younger, he seemed to excel in school, especially his reading   skills.  In Kindergarten, he taught himself to read.  When he was in   second grade, we pulled him out of school and home schooled him.  In  3rd and 4th grade, he won first place in home school spelling bees.   He always was shy but seemed to do very well in school.

We noticed a "change" in him around 6th grade.  He stopped reading   because he said the books were too hard.  Math became VERY hard for   him and I had to get a tutor for him but the tutoring didn't seem to   help.  He was afraid to go anywhere without us.  Socially he was   more and more shy and didn't seem to have friends like he used to.   He stopped sharing his feelings with the family and seemed to be   regressing. We just limped along thinking it was just a "phase."

This past winter was the worse for him and us and really made our   eyes open to the fact that he may have a problem. :(   He started getting more and more angry, also, he seemed to only talk  about one subject (sports) to the point that it drove people nuts. :( Socially, he didn't seem to know when to stop talking about things and didn't say things appropriately.  He would constantly tell me that me or my husband were "mad" at him and wouldn't (couldn't) believe when we told him we weren't mad at him. :(  He would say   things like "no one likes me" or "I'm stupid," or "I wish I was   dead."  :(  He never was happy and the only time he would "talk" to the family was when he was being negative. :( We didn't know what happened to our loving, happy son and our hearts were breaking. :(

We started taking him to a therapist and spoke to our doctor.  He   was put on medicine for depression.  That helped somewhat but didn't   get to the heart of the problem and we had no clue how to help him.    We felt that a different educational approach may be better for   Bobby so we enrolled him in a cyber charter school.  He is still   educated at home but has the additional support if needed.    The cyber school IS our saving grace at this time.  I requested some testing for Bobby to rule out a learning disability because his self  esteem and math skills were so low.  We went last week and after   Bobby was tested, the physiologist told me that Bobby has a   nonverbal disability.  Next month I go back to the cyber school and   we are writing up an IEP for him.  I went home and did a bunch of   research on NLD and FINALLY found what was going on with Bobby.  It   described him to a "T."

I am now doing a lot of research on how and what to request in regards to my son's needs when I go back to the school next month.