Depression and Bipolar Supp or t Alliance


(Revised June 23, 2006 )


TITLE:                       Web/IT Intern

STATUS:                    Hourly

REPORTS TO:          Direct or of Programs

  The Depression and Bipolar Supp or t Alliance (DBSA) is the nation's largest patient-directed, illness-specific or ganization. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Chicago , Illinois , DBSA has a nationwide grassroots netw or k of chapters and supp or t groups. It is governed by a 15-member board of direct or s and guided by a 65-member Scientific Advis or y Board composed of the leading researchers and clinicians in the field of mood dis or ders.



DBSA’s mission is to improve the lives of people living with mood dis or ders by:

·        Improving recognition, early detection, and diagnosis of mood dis or ders as treatable medical illnesses

·        Helping people successfully manage their disease

·        W or king with people with mood dis or ders, families and health care professionals to improve care

·        Expanding the ability of people to receive treatment

·        Advancing research to improve mood dis or der treatment options

·        Increasing acceptance and understanding of mood dis or ders so that the rights of people with mood dis or ders are protected



W or king f or DBSA is not just a job – we touch lives every day. Employees should strive to achieve and fulfill the following values every day:


§         Having a commitment to our mission statement.

§         Meeting the elements of our mission by identifying the needs of our constituents through  active listening and observation.

§         Serving the needs of our constituents , especially their need f or compassionate, prompt and confidential response.

§         Being an active partner with consumers and within the mental health care advocacy community.

§         Operating with the highest ethical standards in business practice.

§         Hon or ing our supp or ters' trust by allocating all contributions prudently and efficiently, regardless of size.

§         Approaching our jobs with a strong w or k ethic ; addressing all opp or tunities with enthusiasm and professionalism, while embracing risk taking, adapting to change and using our creativity to achieve top perf or mance.

§         W or king as a team .  We will reach our goals only if we value the contributions of our fellow employees and respect the eff or ts of everyone on our team.

§         Fostering a w or k environment that supp or ts, respects and encourages diversity and free expression of ideas.

§         Recognizing the need f or personal growth and making w or k fun .




The web/IT intern will assist with the maintenance of DBSA’s website and assist with the implementation of and future enhancements that are designed to increase site functionality.  The intern will also utilize specific strategies to enhance website traffic and increase contact with DBSA constituents, including seeking out and co or dinating logical web links and maintaining constituent databases.



·        Assist with the re-launch of DBSA’s website to make it m or e user-friendly and to fully utilize DBSA’s new website platf or m and tools

·        Update and maintain DBSA electronic constituent database and synchronization with off-line DBSA CRM databases

·        Assist with ongoing maintenance and revisions to website content, navigation and graphics

·        Monit or and maintain standards and quality throughout DBSA’s 600+ page website so that all inf or mation is accurate and easily accessible

·        W or k with the Direct or of Programs to implement targeted department-specific website programming needs

·        W or k with e-marketing software to build html/plain text emails

·        Research and implement strategies to increase web traffic to the DBSA webite through multiple methods, including seeking out and co or dinate logical links from other sites to DBSA’s site 

·        Potentially interact with outside service providers to enhance and maintain DBSA’s position on search engines


These describe the general nature and level of w or k perf or med and are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all duties that may be perf or med by a person in this position.




Internal: Rep or t to the Direct or of Programs and w or k with DBSA staff on a variety of projects. 

External: Interact with DBSA Web host and IT consultants.




Education/Experience: Any combination of education or experience providing the required skills and knowledge f or successful perf or mance would qualify. Typical qualifications include:


1.   Two years IT or related educational experience

2.   Successful web design experience

3.   Experience w or king in both html and WYSIWYG environments

4.   Superi or Computer skills, including strong Microsoft W or d and Excel

5.   Experience with CRM databases a plus

6.   Personal experience with depression or bipolar dis or der preferred but not necessary


Knowledge: Modern principles, practices and methods of web design and maintenance.


Skills: Strong technological web-based skills are a requirement. Must be able to w or k effectively with others in a team- or iented, fast-paced environment. Healthy self-esteem, an open-minded attitude, and ability to exhibit patience and flexibility. Excellent or ganizational skills, and the ability to w or k well under pressure required.


This is a full time non-paying internship located in Chicago , IL .  Preferably 4-6 month commitment. Please send your resume to  for review.  No phone calls please.