Billy is a walking,"constantly" talking miracle with NLD. He is the kindest most tender pre-teen, full of concern for family and animals.  He has a sweet face and a cooperative happy disposition, always honest, even if he implicates himself!

He plays the trumpet and is very active in Basketball and Baseball. His ability to recall detailed and acurate baseball stats is uncanny and rivals his 53y.o. Dad. He tells me that I use him as an interactive phone book, since he can recall phone numbers in an instant (having heard the number only once before). Every television jingle is
memorized, and entire movie scripts are stored in his mind forever.  This makes it possible for him to recall info fast and put it into a very humorous dialogue, making his comedic sense seem more mature than others his age and almost good enough for stand-up.

After he survived high risk leukemia and the therapeutic cranial radiation (that caused his NLD, at the age of two) we thought he was a rock of strength. Now as he enters mainstream junior high school and faces the lonely social isolation and subtle minefield of rejection from his peers, and maintains an eagerness to go to school and try each new day, I know he is a miracle boy.


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