Strawberry Canyon Blue Camp

Strawberry Canyon Blue Camp, located on the U C Berkeley Campus, is running a one-of-a-kind social skills camp for children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities, High Functioning Autism, Aspergerıs Syndrome, and children with similar social skills deficits.  A specialized Group Leader provides
stability and guidance as the campers apply what they are learning to real-life situations.  A camperıs daily schedule includes a 50-minute social skills session, the rest of the schedule is fully integrated into the camp experience.

Session 1 July 12-23rd, 2004 8:45am ­ 4:15pm
Session 2 July 26th  - August 6th, 2004 8:45am ­ 4:15pm
Extended care is available

CAMPERS:  This program is designed for children ages 9-12 with NLD, HFA, AS, or other similar social-cognitive deficit profile. Children must be verbal and be of average intelligence and not need a 1:1 aide at school.  This program is not designed for children with significant non-compliant or
aggressive behavior.

CAMP STAFF & PROGRAM:  Dr. Jennifer H. Selke, a school psychologist and summer camp director, will oversee the program and select and train the staff. Dr. Selke received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley. She is a credentialed school psychologist and has been running summer camp programs for 13 years.  The social skills curriculum used is based on the work of Michelle Garcia Winner and Stephen Nowicki.  Specialized Group Leaders will be selected and trained to work with this unique population.  Emphasis is on the transfer of skills
through the interaction with peers in a general camp setting.

Application & Fees: There is an application for the program to ensure the best fit between the camperıs needs and program structure.  If accepted into the program the fee for the two week summer camp session is $1195 per camper for program members and $1495 for non-members. Membership is open to everyone and is $50.

For More Information:  For an information and application packet please call:

Dr. Jennifer H. Selke (510) 642-7648


THE CAMP DAY:  A social skills track will consist of 5 campers and 1 staff member. They will stay together in that group and move throughout a set camp schedule, fully integrated with all the campers at Blue Camp.  There are over 25 different sports and recreation activities running at Blue Camp and
a schedule will be customized for each social skills track.  Blue campers, including those on the social skills track, have a set schedule with 6 activities that are set for the two weeks of camp.  These activities will be selected to provide the maximum amount of success and learning.  We will take into account the motor coordination of the campers as well as the instructors teaching the activity.

Blue Camp is held at Golden Bear Recreation Area at the top of Dwight Way on the U. C. Berkeley campus. Blue Camp is divided into 3 age groups:  Cubs (7-8 year olds), Bears (9-10 year olds), and Grizzlies (11-12 year olds). Campers in the social skills track will be considered Blue Bears or
Grizzlies depending on their age.  Our goal is to fully integrate them so they (and the other campers) do not realize they are in a specialized track.

This track of 5 campers and their Group Leader will combine with a group of about 8 non-tracked campers to make a full activity class taught by a specialized instructor.  Sample schedule is listed below.   It is designed to give you an idea of the camperıs day.  Actual camp schedules will vary by
group and by session.  All schedules will include social skills group and Red Cross swim lessons.

8:45 ­ 9:00 Check-in with Group Leader 9:00 ­ 10:00 Social Skills Group
10:00 ­ 11:00 Sports and Recreation Activity 11:00 ­ 12:00 Sports and
Recreation Activity 12:00 ­ 1:00 Lunch 1:00 ­ 2:00 Arts & Crafts 2:00 ­ 3:00
Swim Lessons 3:00 ­ 4:00 Field & Playground Games 4:00 ­ 4:15 Wrap-up 4:15 ­
4:30 Check-out

THE APPLICATION PROCESS:  Applicants will be considered on a first come first serve basis.  This program is designed to serve children with NLD,  HFA, AS, and similar social skills deficits. Children must have at least average documented verbal ability, be able to participate in a mainstream
classroom, and not need the support of a 1:1 aide.  Children will be selected based on their fit with this type of program.  This program is not designed to teach children to manage non-compliant behaviors as the primary emphasis.  Children who have impulsive, aggressive, or significant
compliance issues will not find that this program meets their needs or the needs of the other children in the group.

Dr. Jennifer H. Selke

Dr. Selke is in her 13th year as a director of youth summer recreation and after school programs. She received her doctoral degree in Educational Psychology from the University of California Berkeley and is a credentialed school psychologist, practicing in San Ramon.  Dr. Selke has been the Director at Blue Camp since 1994 and has developed some of the most successful youth programs at Strawberry Canyon.  In 2002 she was recognized for her service to the community with The Universityıs prestigious Chancellorıs Award.   Jennifer also teaches in the doctoral program at Argosy University and is a national speaker and trainer.  She is a regional board member and standards visitor for the American Camping Association, member of the California Parks and Recreation Society, and California Association of School Psychologists.