Anti-Bullying Campaign

From time to time, NLDline puts up features that seem important to our NLD population.  The Anti-Bullying Campaign is just such a feature.  Thanks to Jill Gage Matthews for her enormous contribution.  NLDline invites parents from every state to join in this campaign and to email with essays and ideas for any of the following categories of this feature.

From Bullies to Buddies  Strategies for kids who are bullied - one of my personal favorites

New Jersey Model Anti-bullying program


Order these books: The Bully Free Classroom by Allan Beane, Ph.D,  Price $17.47 (reg. $24.95), Easing the Teasing: Helping Your Child Cope With Name Calling, Ridicule and Verbal Bullying by Judy S. Freedman, LCSW, Price $10.47 (reg. $14.00)

Advocacy Group of Parents of Children Affected by Bullying

How Bullying Impacts Kids

One Mom's Story

What is Bullying?

The Typical Bully

The Typical Victim

The Dangers of Bullying

Strategies to help NLD parents advocate for their NLD children that are bullied

Resources--organizations, books, programs, etc.

A letter of support to change policies, at the federal level

Anti-Bullying Legislation

Best Practices for Developing a Bully-proof School

A real Anti-Bullying Program in School

Anti-Bullying Petition

Bullyproofing Montgomery County

Dealing With Bullying

Easing the Teasing website

Understanding Bullying and Its Impact on Kids with Learning Disabilities or AD/HD - Schwab Learning

More on Bullying from Schwab

Bullied kids have more behavioral problems