A Message of Hope to Other NLD Adults

By Al Vadon

     I agree with my fellow NLD adults that others do not understand how we struggle in life, despite our intellectual abilities.  I have struggled in terms of finding a career, and I know that many other NLD adults have had difficulty in this area as well.  I was a stockbroker, mortgage originator, and attempted to become a speech-language pathologist.  I am currently working in my father's medical office, and learning my mother's rental business.  Despite these struggles, something inside of me refuses to give up in looking for a career and using my strengths and abilities, and that is why I am attempting a career in adult literacy.  Also, I love doing a job where I can help others.  I am determined to do something where I can make a difference in other people's lives.

    Today, I went to find out what I will be doing for my adult literacy practicum.  I just have to complete the practicum this semester to receive my master's degree in adult literacy.  When I went to see the woman at the Learning and Study Skills Center, she was overjoyed to see me, and wanted to know when I could start.  She even offered me a tutoring job for the spring term, after I graduate, if am interested.  It only pays $8.50 an hour, but would give me additional experience in teaching adults while trying to find a job in the adult literacy area.  It seems like the college is in need of tutors, and so she made the offer before I even begin the practicum.  I felt like this woman provided me with a great deal of hope in terms of the potential of working in this area, and possibly finding a career.

    My message to other NLD individuals is to never give up hope, despite the struggles.  I believe that NLD individuals are some of the most intelligent, determined, persistent, hard working, and caring individuals I have ever met in my life, and can be successful in following their dreams.