Resources for NLD Adults

Growing Up With NLD, the autobiography of a successful NLD Adult, Deborah Green

Unaware:  Living With A Non-Verbal Learning Disability by Laurie E. Reed, COTA.  Order this book through Laurie at her email address:

Hanging by a Twig:  Understanding and Counseling Adults with Learning Disabilities and ADD, by Dr. Carol Wren, with psychotherapeutic commentary by Jay Einhorn. (with information on NLD included) February 2000  W.W. Norton, publisher.

MAPP Guidance for Careers

Audio tapes:

Deborah Muldawer spoke at the 8th Annual LDA of New Mexico Conference. The tape is $6.00, with $4.00 in shipping and handling. Mail your order to: CTI Conference Taping, Inc. 2520 Chama Street NE Albuquerque, NM 87110 (505) 872-9394; Fax# (505) 872-9307; email:, Presentation number S14

1999 SHARE Support NLD Symposium:   NLD Adult Panel.  Contact CalTapes!

2000 SHARE Support NLD Symposium:   Deborah Green, and NLD Adult Panel.  Contact CalTapes!

General Occupational Resource Guide (President's task force on employment of adults with disabilities)