Please email NLDline with your small and large success story.  Remember, every success counts.   And to top that, you are helping others by networking your story, giving others hope for their own successes.

1.  How Reading and Writing Have Shaped My Life by Kathy Green

2.  The Plight of Living With a Learning Disability

by Lori Attardi
3. College and University Education: An NLDer's Story by David
4. The Story of Me by Alice G.
5. Inspirational Message for NLD Adults by Al Vadon
6. Overcoming Anxiety and NYC by Al Vadon
7. My Wild Life by G. Process
8. by Liz Bogod
9. Presenting My NLD Story by Laurie Reed
10. Speech from the 6th Annual NLDA Symposium Adult Panel by Lisa Marti
11. What I've Learned About Being A Successful NLD Adult by Steve
12. An NLD Fairy Tale Anonymous
13.  Learning Despite Non-verbal Learning Disabilities Dale S. Brown
14.  Nonverbal Learning Disabilities:  A Physician's Story

The Stern Center, Williston, Vermont

15.  Discovering Life Halfway Through It - Newspaper article by Matt James, the Lacrosse Tribune
16.  One More Success Story by Carla Montijo
17.   Nonverbal Learning Disability - A Research Paper by a College Student by Whitney Gordon